Our confidential counselling services are designed to meet your individual needs. With services available for both adults and children the aims of the service are to support you to develop coping strategies through therapy and address emotional issues that negatively impact on your lives.

Trusting, caring relationships are core foundation of our mental wellbeing. If we feel safe, secure and valued we are much more likely to stay well and recover faster. Our counsellors are caring and compassionate and will see you for a series of appointments, which can be weekly or fortnightly to suit your needs. You will be offered a range of sessions to improve your sense of wellbeing.

We offer person centred counselling, guided self-help or stress management sessions to adults with a GP based in Hull via a service called Let’s Talk. For more information and to book your assessment please go to the Lets Talk website.

“Mind was an extremely positive influence on my life at a time when I really needed the help.” (Guided self-help patient)

“I am now more mindful of the techniques I have learnt so that I can go out and try them rather than remain where I am.” (Stress management patient)

“I didn’t think counselling was for me but I stuck with it and I am very glad I did. My family can see a big difference, I am getting there.” (Counselling patient)

If you would like more information please get in touch on 01482 240200 or email